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Xbox one can't port forward over wifi

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Xbox one can't port forward over wifi

Note: I have to set my network to a 192.168.x.x network because my work's VPN won't connect if I use their default 10.x.x.x IP scheme so I think their router might not understand when it isn't in their defaul 10.x.x.x network schem.  This might have something to do with my problem


If you set the Xbox One to a static IP of your own choosing on the Xbox you can see it in the connected devices but,  when you go to the xbox one's details it says the IP address is unknown.   So, when I go to the advanced settings to add my xbox to port forwarding to open up my NAT settings the Comcast Xfi dashboard online in advanced settings won't see the device at all.   If I choose "automatic" the xbox wifi grabs a strange IP address range that is 169.253.x.x and Xfi advanced settings sees the xbox as which cannot be pinged and does not exist on my network.  So, when I add port forwarding it doesn't matter and my xbox is unable to connect to the network.  


FYI Comcast.... as an IT professional it is rediculous that you removed the ability to access more advanced settings on your router.  This leaves me to have to restart my router over a dozen times and I have been working on this to reverse engineer the automation nightmare you've created for professionals when you think this is "convenient" for people who don't know what they are doing.