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XFINITY secure hot spot Authorization Failed

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XFINITY secure hot spot Authorization Failed


  • I have a Nexus 5X phone. 
  • I have the "Internet Plus" billing plan. 
  • I have "Performance Tier" internet service.
  • I have the Hotspots app installed.

I have my own secure WiFi set up on my Comcast home router, and can access WiFi perfectly fine at home from my phone.

I cannot connect to "XFINITY" public hotspots.  I can connect to the "xfinitywifi" public hotspots. As I understand it, "XFINITY" hotspots are secure, while "xfinitywifi" hotspots are not secure.  

The steps of my problem go like this in an infinite loop:

  1. The Hotspots app constantly displays a notification, in the top notification bar, that "XFINITY WiFI Authorization Failed". 
  2. I click on the notification, and the browser loads, which says that "You're almost connected!" and asks me to confirm my username and password. 
  3. I log in using my Comcast username and password. 
  4. The log in appears successful. However, all it does is take me to a second browser page that says, again, "You're almost connected!", and tells me that I need to install the Hotspots app. 
  5. But I already have installed the Hotspots app.
  6. This process repeats over and over every time a XFINITY hotspot is within range.  

I believe the issue is with either a missing or incorrect "Profile".  If I go to Settings->Wifi, I see a list of hotspots that I have previously connected to.  I click on the XFINITY and select "Modify network".  There are several settings. 

  1. EAP method is set to TTLS. 
  2. Phase 2 authentication is set to GTC.
  3. CA certificate is set to "Do not validate".  Under the "Do not validate" text, there is red text that says "No certificate specified.  Your connection will not be private."

I know that settings #1 and #2 are correct.  However, I believe the problem is the "CA certificate" setting.  There are three options:

  1. "Do not validate" - I already know that this doesn't work.
  2. "Use system certificates" -  A new text entry field appears labeled "Domain".  I don't know what to put here. Should this be provided to me by Comcast?
  3. "Please select" - I can't seem to use this because the "Save" button that would allow me to save the new settings is greyed out. 

So in summary, I believe that I am missing the answer for the "Domain" field for the "CA certificate" setting for the XFINITY network.

I tried making this post very detailed so that someone would know exactly the issue I'm having and where I am stuck.  I have seen similar posts about this issue on this forum, but I have not seen any answer.




1.png1. Notification that Authorization Failed








3.png3. Directs me to download the app




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Re: XFINITY secure hot spot Authorization Failed

Heres how.
Use in the domain field under "use system certificates."
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Re: XFINITY secure hot spot Authorization Failed

I have the same troubles. Did you find a solution???

Re: XFINITY secure hot spot Authorization Failed

@cmcculloch wrote:
I have the same troubles. Did you find a solution???

You are replying to a 10 month old thread.  If you have a question or issue, please start your own thread.  I'm closing this one.

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