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XB7 and WiFi 6

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XB7 and WiFi 6

I'm considering changing out my own modem router for Xfinity's XB7 router.  Does the XB7 router support the 802.11/ax WiFi protocol WiFi6 ?   And if so, can I assume that WiFi 6 is available from Comcast for my area because they tried to get me to start renting the XB7 router? 

I just want to make sure it is worth it to change from my own router to renting the XB7 from Comcast. 

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Re: XB7 and WiFi 6

Just got the xb7, it does have wifi 6.  Not sure I understand why you're asking if wifi 6 is in your area.  Wifi 6 needs to be on your router and your devices to be supported, nothing to do with availability in your area.  Let me warn you that if you have a large house and are trying to replace a good wifi router you will not be happy with the XB7 for wifi.  If I am no a wifi 6 device and within 15 feet the throughput is amazing(800mbit vs 400 on my nighthawk), if however I move upstairs in my house I will quickly drop to <100mbit where my nighthawk(same distance away) will still be at 300mbit.  Alsi non wifi 6 devices get even worse service out of the XB7.  Personally I left my nighthawk chained to my XB7 and only use the XB7 wifi for my wifi 6 devices when sitting next to it.


The XB7 does provide a solid 900mbit wired connection for my nighthawk.

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Re: XB7 and WiFi 6

Fun facts:

  1. If you upgrade your NIC card to a 2.5Gbps you can get up to 1.2Gbps via the one 2.5 port on your XB7.
  2. If your're seeing WiFi degredation, any wireless extender including xFi Pods will help, I recommend if you can hardline a repeater to do that instead. You might want to also run INSSIDer to check your channels and manually set better channels that have less interference. And make sure you have 802.11AX enabled in your Xfinity App. 

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