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I have Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity (Continuous Migraine is only 1 of the Symptoms) & do not want WiFi in my home.  I end up being too sick to work.  Months ago a gentleman in the Wireless Gateway Department managed to COMPLETELY get rid of the WiFi feature on the Modem.  He was able to turn the lights off for the 2.4 & the 5.  A few weeks ago I called & finally found someone that could turn on the feature so that I could do some Update/Downloads on my Cell Phone.  That was a huge mistake because it took hours to find someone who could do that for me.  I only ended up needing WiFi for 10 minutes.  I called back & after several hours I have still been unable to locate anyone who can COMPLETELY get rid of the WiFi.  I work remotely via VPN & I cannot sit by this Modem continuously while it does it's Broadcasting.  Also, it still Broadcasts even though it is Disabled.  One of the Agents checked my Modem & found out that it is still Broadcasting.  That is why I want the WiFi Disconnected.  It also sometimes causes my VPN to freeze up or go extremely slow.  I have spent 10 hours on the phone with Wireless Gateway already.  This is Ridiculous.  Is there anyway that Someone can help me with this Issue?  Thanks in Advance.

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Re: WiFi

Can you not turn it off yourself?  I've never rented a router from Comcast so I don't know.  The router that I purchased lets me do it with a few mouse clicks, so if the Comcast router really takes phone calls, you might consider getting your own.  In the long run it will probably cost you less too.


Re: WiFi

Consider getting your own modem (The Comcast web site has models you can use for each speed level). You can go to a highter tier but do not go lower. It is cheaper to buy than rent in the long run. You must get one on the Comcast list. 


If you have only one device (PC), attach it directly to the modem and you are done.


If you have more than one device, you have two different type of devices to select from.

1) A WIFI router which you can turn on/off WIFI. 

2) A non-WIFI router to plug your devices into.  


You can use just about any router and if not concerned with speed, select a low priced one. 


Note: This will not work for you if you have the phone attached to the combo modem/router (Gateway) .