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WiFi keeps dropping signal

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WiFi keeps dropping signal

I don’t know if this is the right forum or not but the 2 issues I have are the WiFi and the tv and the WiFi and laptop. I have an Arris surfboard SB6121 modem and net gear router. I do not have cable tv service with Comcast, only internet. I watch tv through my Roku 4 and I use Xfinity stream beta, Netflix, and Amazon video. Since I got service with Comcast I have had trouble with the signal dropping and it reloading and reloading and reloading. Sometimes it reconnects, sometimes it does not. It is so frustrating to have this happening when you are watching a program because when the signal restablishes you cannot resume the show where it stopped, you have to start over at the beginning. I cannot not tell you the shows I just have never finished watching because I don’t want to watch the whole thing over, and on network shows like say, Dateline NBC, Fast forwarding and rewind are disabled. The 2nd issue is I cannot step outside my back door using my iPad or iPhone without the signal being lost.. Just like that, one step, two steps max and it is gone and my WiFi network doesn’t even show up in the settings. I stopped TDS to get this and it really makes me mad. I thought Comcast had better service than this garbage I am having to put up with. I have called customer service multiple times and get this menu recording in a sing song voice that says there are no outages is my area and they will send a signal to the modem but it might take 10 minutes for any changes to be in effect. By then of course I am not on the line with them.. if I can’t get this solved where I can get the service I am paying for it is a deal breaker with Comcast.


Re: WiFi keeps dropping signal

There are other options. Google for WiFi repeaters / range extenders, WiFi mesh systems.

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