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WiFi issue: random disconnection.

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WiFi issue: random disconnection.

Hello there fellas. I have the standard modem from Xfinity: Cisco DPC3939.

This seems to be extremely annoying at times; it's affecting everyone here at my household; 4 people using 2.4 GHz WiFi. We're experincing 2-3 WiFi disconnects per week. The only work-around is to restart WiFi module; even if we couldn't connect via WiFi, we had to powercycle the modem in order to reset WiFi module.

I looked at connected devices via WiFi and most RSSI dBm is within' -59 to -63 range (computer, iPads, Android, laptop and etc).

Usually I WOULD prefer to get my own WiFi router instead of modem/router hybrid - it's a lot easier to troubleshoot that way. And it's cost effective and more adminstrative control over the router.

I did speak with Comcast representatives via chat about this and he simply refreshed the signal to resolve this issue - it doesn't. Really, it's like powercycle over and over and over again as if tech support is really clueless.

EDIT: informed tech support that we will resort to LAN port instead for better transmission quality. As for WiFi, we will get our own module at our expense.

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Re: WiFi issue: random disconnection.

Hello, omegaflare! Thank you for reaching out here on the forums. 


You can definitely get your own modem if you'd like. The approved modems list can be viewed here

However, if the modem is the root cause of the issue, it may be beneficial to get your rented modem replaced at no cost. I'd like to have the opportunity to review this further with you so we can troubleshoot and look at some next steps together. 

Please send me a PM with your first and last name to get started. Thanks! 

To send me a Private Message, please click my name “ComcastAlly” and click “send a message.”

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