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WiFi Hotspot Connection Problems

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WiFi Hotspot Connection Problems

I have been having difficulty connecting to XFINITY WiFi hotspots lately. I remembered that, as late as last week, it was possible to log into my account and enter MAC addresses for trusted devices. I hate having the XFINITY hotspots app on my phone, managing my WiFi, requiring location to work fully, etc. Previously I was able to just enter the MAC address and it would automaticaly log me on. But now that feature seems to be missing from my account management. Did XFINITY remove it?

Is it somehow connected to all of this xFi nonsense? I own my own modem, and I'd rather not be forced to unecessarily upgrade if that's what's required just to manage my hotspot connection. When I go to Services -> Internet Service, I see the following message in the WiFi Network Details: "We cannot display your network name and password because you are using an unsupported XFINITY or personal device." Perhaps that's only referring to home WiFi, I don't know. They say the upgrade to the modem would be free, but I'm not renting one currently and it says I need to return my old device ... which I bought myself, separate from XFINITY. Is this forced upgrade required to connect to hotspots? Or am I now required to use their hotspots app? Thanks.

EDIT: I found the page where I can enter the devices and their MAC addresses here. I guess the bigger question is why that doesn't seem to be working for me without the hotspot app.