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Wi-fi router extender

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Wi-fi router extender

I have Xfinity dual router gateway Cisco DPC3941T and because the coverage to the back of our house isn't very reliable, I'm looking to get a Wi-Fi range extender that will work with our current router. Can someone recommend options for range extenders that are compatible with our router? The room where we stream movies, etc. has adequate signal strength, but the wi-fi signal itself is weak in the back of the house. I cannot move the location of our router, so getting a plug-in extender (such as the Netgear AC 750) is what I thought might work for us.


Also, if our current gateway is not the latest version, or a newer version will be available soon, I will probably need to wait to purchase an extender....?



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Re: Wi-fi router extender

Almost any extender will work with just about any gateway/router.


Powerline adapters are also an option.


I ran an ethernet cable through the ceiling from one end of my residence to the other end and then connected a wifi router to ethernet.


Now I am using the Orbi to get wifi coverage everywhere.  There are several mesh network solutions that I feel are better than all the other options for my situation.

Here is a good website for researching.


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