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Wi-fi drops hourly like clockwork

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Wi-fi drops hourly like clockwork

But it seems to only affect my sons XBox.
Is this a dhcp lease issue? At about 35 minutes past the hour, the wi-fi drops the Xbox and then reconnects within a minute or so.
Please help. It appears everything else connected to wi-fi is fine/stays connected.

Re: Wi-fi drops hourly like clockwork

If no other device on the network is being affected, the issue is most likely with the XBox. First thing I'd do is to use an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi for connectivity, then remove any connected devices on the XBox like USB 3.0 hard drives or external cooling devices as those might interfere with WiFi connections. 


If that doesn't work or no such devices are attached,  I would recommend you use the Microsoft XBox Network Connection Troubleshooting Guide

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