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Wi-Fi hotspot login page won't load

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Wi-Fi hotspot login page won't load

I can't find a forum dedicated to Comcast Wi-Fi hotspots troubleshooting, so I'm sorry if I'm the wrong place.


I've tried for several days to use a Comcast Wi-Fi hotspot near where I work.  I connect to the spot (great signal strength, full 54Mb/s speed).  When I open a Web browser (Firefox, Chrome or IE), the browser goes to a Comcast sign in page, but nothing on the page ever loads.  I stare at a blank Web page until the browser times out and I get a 'page not found' error.


I've tried three different browsers, and two different laptops over several days, but have NEVER gotten to a screen where I could enter my Comcast username and password.


Any ideas?

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Re: Wi-Fi hotspot login page won't load

Try  There has been issues with IE not redirecting when you try to pull up a page, so that you can sign into the hotspot portal.