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What/who is using the most of my data plan?

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What/who is using the most of my data plan?

I've searched up a few older topics and well, they didn't seem to have the results I wanted (like being answered with a generic xfinity rep-like response with a ton of help links that only confuse you more) or were dated topics to where there might be something new added since then.


So today, for the first time I think ever, my data usage broke 1TB. It was a surprise. There are a lot of people in the house that use internet but the previous months we've been within the 600~700GB range per month. We still have a few days before this month ends and we're basically over  1TB already with extra 300+ used than our previous months.


Because of this, I worry about future months to come because it's not like I have an infinite amounts worth of courtesy so I need to find out what or whose using it. 


Is there any way to find out what device or whatever it is that is using it? Like an actual page that shows what devices used how much data in a specific month? I'm aware you can click each devices under the device tab to show little graphs but these don't really show anything in actual detail.


Re: What/who is using the most of my data plan?

Sorry. Data used per device does not display. You can get a little chart of a estimate on xFi but thats all other than the total data used.

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