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Way to slow internet speed.

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Way to slow internet speed.

I was told that I would be connectinf g at 400Mbs. Lucky to get 200. Usually 175.  Does not seem right to pay for.

 I have had one issue after another for last 2 months since getting Comcast.. No HD yet! That is for another time. I am on a tight budget so can only try so many things.

 OK crying all done!

 How do I get my speed up? I have the CGM4140COM sisco (XB6).

 It is getting the 400 (At the router) I was told by a tech. Not at my PC. Only 175Mbs. 100Mbs if I use another speed test online.

I had verizon and am wondering if there is not a setting that is restricking me from the 400 (blame verizon

 I checked the adapter (working fine) and removed all verizon APP's from add/remove.

I have tried other browsers.  Nothing else running that would interfear that I can find. I keep PC very trim. 

W7 P3

250MB mem.

 Let me know what else you may need as for info.

Please help.

Thank you 











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Re: Way to slow internet speed.


It is wired. New cat5