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Using Moca with Arris TG1682G Gateway


Using Moca with Arris TG1682G Gateway

Are two moca adapters still needed when Moca is enabled in the TG1682G router/modem? Or does this router/modem

take the place of using a moca adapter at the home point when Moca is enabled?

I was thinking of buying an Actiontec moca adapter but not sure if I need one or two with my new Arris router/modem.


I have had a moca setup in the past, using two ancient netgear moca adapters and an older cable modem but now that I have 

this newer gateway I wanted to get more updated, newer moca adapters. 

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Re: Using Moca with Arris TG1682G Gateway

The gateway can take place of one MOCA adapter if the enabling the MOCA sticks.  What we've seen on the forum, Comcast controls the setting if MOCA is enabled or not, and some have found the settings magically gets turned off again and again.


You might just want to use two adapters so you have full control over your MOCA network.  Remember to place a MOCA POE filter before the 1st splitter in the home to prevent your MOCA signals from escaping out to the neighbors.




Re: Using Moca with Arris TG1682G Gateway

Thanks JaylnAlg.

I do prefer having full control and will most likely go ahead and get two.

The filter has already been set at the POE by the Comcast tech when he installed my new modem/router because I told him I had an interest in 

using MOCA technology.

I just didn't think of asking the question of using one or two adapters at the time.