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Upload Speeds Inconsistent

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Upload Speeds Inconsistent

When we first started using Xfinity in March we had inconsistent upload speeds which was a big deal because we worked from home, mainly on the internet. We eventually got through this problem after sitting in a chat, then moving onto a phone call, until eventually they decided they would send someone out to the house. Luckily this problem seemingly solved itself before the workers could even do any snooping with the lines around the house, almost as we had been throttled. Fast forward to now and we are going through the exact same problem. The speeds are terribly inconsistent and I am no longer able to work with these speeds. In chat we were told that "it was fine" but during actual work it's proven that the inconsistent speed has gotten worse. It's not as fast as it has been the past few months and it's more or less gone back to the speed that we had when we first moved in. I HAVE WORKED THROUGH THESE HOURS BEFORE AND CONGESTION HAS NEVER BEEN LIKE THIS. I am unable to work because of this issue and once again it feels like throttling on Xfinity's end.

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Re: Upload Speeds Inconsistent

Hi PAULLHULL. I can assist you with the speed issues you are experiencing.


Please run a speed test and post the results here.


You can run a speed test by visiting: