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Updating Firmware on NETGEAR cable modem

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Updating Firmware on NETGEAR cable modem

I've been a loyal customer of comcast's for years and never had any issues until recently my internet started shorting out and i noticed firmware was updated but never pushed to my modem. I do have my own equipment but I did my due diligene and researched the issue to see if I could update it myself and everything said my ISP had to do it. I called today and two comcast employee's advised me that Netgear had to do it, who i already called. Now i have the following link of a forum from the comcast community of the customer getting the issue fixed (see below). The comcast employee's on the phone told me this forum was "fake" and i still need to call Netgear (again). Can someone assist on why others have had their third party equipment updated but i can't get mine updated?? @ComcastKenF



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Re: Updating Firmware on NETGEAR cable modem

Lilly1231, thanks for reaching out about your modem firmware concerns. The firmware push is sent to us from netgear and then we push it out to the devices so it is a partnership and not necessarily one entity's sole responsibility. We can try provisioning your modem and see if we can get an update refresh that way. Please send me a private message with your full name and modem MAC address so I can help! 



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