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Unable to use Xfinity WiFi

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Unable to use Xfinity WiFi



I have had Comcast for about a year now and I have never been able to use the Xfinity Wifi for guests, not once. I have contacted the support team about this before and they said they would be looking into it and it should be resolved within a few days. Well that didn't happen. We went through the troubleshooting suggested on the website, again with the first person on call. Then I was transferred to someone else which did the same steps. 


Here is my situation:

I lived with someone next door and used Xfinity Wifi just fine, never had a problem. The account wasn't mine. I then moved into my place and neither me nor my next door neighbors can use my Xfinity Wifi. It just has a symbol on the connection and when I try connecting, says it cannot connect. See below image:



There is no prompt or redirect to Xfinity to login to my account to access the xfinitywifi. 

I have tried "forgetting" the wifi on all my devices and nothing has helped as of yet.

Is there something preventing me from using this wifi? I hate not being able to let my guests use this internet.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.