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Unable To Disable XFINITY WiFi Hotspot

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Unable To Disable XFINITY WiFi Hotspot

When I navigate to the suggested account link to disable XFINITY WiFi Hotspot, I receive the message:

Hotspot Settings Are Unavailable

Your device doesn't support public hotspots. To learn more about
hotspot features, please visit


Clearly, my router supports hotspots because it is broadcasting a public hotspot signal called "Hidden Network". 


Thank you!


Re: Unable To Disable XFINITY WiFi Hotspot

Hidden network is not the WiFi home hotspot. HOME-xxxx-2-4 or 5.0 is. The hidden network broadcast is the SSID of the broadcast that is used for interfacing their Home Security system. It can't be disabled AFAIK.


What is the exact make and model number of your device ?

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