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Unabe to connect to servers in Quake Champions

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Unabe to connect to servers in Quake Champions

I'm in NH and I've been trying to get Quake Champions to connect to datacenters in the US instead of the one in Warsaw...


I think the required ports are being blocked but cannot confirm. Bethesda recommends the following on my home router and I have done that, but still am having issues.


These following ports should be opened to ensure the best connection to the Quake Champions servers:

  • UDP 48800 to 48900
  • TCP 11700 to 11725


I do want to note that if I use a VPN service and open the game after connecting, I can connect to any of the servers that quake is running on. Is there a reason the Newmarket, NH area is not able to connect without the use of a VPN service?