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I constantly seem to have an issue with on my comcast connection.


I have 100MB connection and I can stream multiple HD videos at a time, but even when I only have streaming in my house, it freezes and lags constantly...during this lag, I do speed tests and I'm getting 90-110 MB/s speeds. 


Why does twitch lag like this, but nothing else does? Is Comcast throttling twitch?

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You will find years of complaints with twitch like this thread


As far as I know it's never been determined where the real issue is.

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Thanks for the reply.


Is it is a comcast only thing or do other providers have issues with it. When I get lag and loading issues, I ask in chat if anyone else is having issues, and everyone in twitch chat tells me the stream is working fine for them. 


Has comcast said they are looking into it?


It's super annoying to pay this much for such a fast connection, only to be buffering constantly on the main site I use for streaming...

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I see this an old post but I’m having the same issue and am wondering the same!! Here’s my post:

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Two and a half year old dead thread now being closed.

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