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Trying to figure out my house wiring

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Trying to figure out my house wiring



For the past week I have been trying to figure out my house wiring in order to move my router and modem from upstairs bedroom to downstairs. I have a townhouse with 3 bedrooms upstairs, two living rooms downstairs. All of these rooms have coax outlet. In one of the upstairs rooms (the one with the internet), there are two.


I already knew that I had signal only in that one bedroom when I got my internet connected years ago. Now that I am trying to move my modem, I tried to understand why. The previous owner seemed to have directv installed, but I am not sure what she used for internet.


I opened up all the coax outlets, climbed the roof to get to the antenna and the splitter, and looked at the cable box on the side of my house. Pictures are all attached.


It looks like the coax cable that carries xfinity has black connector, whereas the other outlets are gold colored, which led me to think the other cables belong to directv. Does anybody know if this is the case?


Also, the cables in the cable box doesn't make much sense to me. I tried every combination of cables, but only the ones that are attached and grounded seems to work for that one room that has the internet. What are all the other cables for? Where do they connect to, is there a way to figure this out? And if they connect somewhere in the house, why don't I get any internet signal when I connect the other cables? So I am looking for expertise on getting the signal downstairs, preferably without having to fish cables for it. Do you think there is a chance?




* the pictures attached are


second bedroom coax 1

second bedroom coax 2 (this one has the internet)

third bedroom coax master bedroom coax

Cable box (3 pictures)

living room 1 coax (this is preferably where I want the internet)

satellite splitter

satellite living room 2 (this also is another option for internet)

master bedroom

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Re: Trying to figure out my house wiring

What a mess, pictures aren’t really going to help anyone figure all that out. You’ll really need someone to be onsite to track your cables down (you never know if the previous owner cut or damaged them at some point) or you could get hold of a toner and track the cables down yourself.

Re: Trying to figure out my house wiring


The line with the green ground line is the Comcast line. One end is the main line in, the other should go to your modem. Use a cable toner to find the line to your living room. Also get a compression fitting toolkit and replace any old connectors. You also may need to put on a fitting to use the toner. 

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Re: Trying to figure out my house wiring

Thanks, I'll invest in a fitting kit and a toner to figure out where everything goes.  Is there any reason to think that the cables in the box aren't meant for comcast, but rather directv? I don't know how satellite dishes are wired, I don't see any reason for them to go through the cable box. Does it make any difference if they are, as in, can I use directv cables to get comcast signal? 

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Re: Trying to figure out my house wiring

It’s all coax, it’s just tracking down the cables that you need and getting it to the Comcast input point.