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Trouble with connection - High Latency

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Trouble with connection - High Latency


Do the numbers from my modem page in the attached picture look ok? After some research it looks like the Correctable Codewords in Downstream OFDM section look a little high. Power and SNR levels look good. Some of the issues that I've been experiencing over the past month:

- High bufferbloat; Gaming is pretty bad using consoles and pc. Tested with no other devices on network, connected direct to modem.
- High ping times while uploading; ~30ms ping during download/~2000ms ping during upload test. Tested running "ping -t" in a command line window while running download and upload speed test from and speedtest. Same results wether hardwired to modem or hardwired to router.

I'm thinking about purchasing a new modem and router but would like to see if I can nail down where the issue might be before purchasing.