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Tips for Better WiFi Network Performance


Tips for Better WiFi Network Performance

Tips for Better WiFi Network Performance

Once you have WiFi in your home, you'll want to make sure you're getting the most out of your connection. Always be mindful of the three main things that can impact the quality of your WiFi network:
  1. The placement of your WiFi equipment (your wireless gateway or router) in your home
  2. The performance of your WiFi equipment
  3. The devices that are connected to your WiFi network.
For more information, you can refer to Xfinity's in-home WiFi tip sheet, or check out the rest of this article below.

Wireless Gateway or Router Placement

You'll want to find the ideal place for your wireless gateway or router to broadcast the strongest WiFi signal in your home. Make sure to place your wireless gateway or router in a central location of your home, preferably on the main floor instead of the attic or basement - near where you plan to spend the most time with your WiFi-connected devices. The closer you are to your wireless gateway or router, the better the WiFi quality can be.

Next, position your wireless gateway or router so that it is elevated (off of the floor) and upright. Keep it away from thick surfaces (e.g., concrete floors and walls) and other household electronics that may cause interference with the WiFi signal, such as baby monitors, cordless phones, microwave ovens, refrigerators and Bluetooth-connected devices. Also, try to avoid crowded areas, such as inside or behind furniture, like an entertainment console.

Wireless Gateway or Modem Performance

Rebooting (or restarting) your wireless gateway, modem or router is good for the equipment's health and for your in-home WiFi performance. Doing this allows your equipment to update its software and optimizes your connection and speed, all while retaining your saved settings. This is similar to how rebooting your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet is essential for maintaining performance as well. See instructions on how to restart your WiFi equipment.

Sometimes you may be connected to your wireless gateway's public WiFi network (xfinitywifi), which can limit your WiFi speed. It's helpful to confirm that you're connected to the correct network, which you can easily check in a few different places. For more details, learn how to find or change your WiFi password.

If you happen to use a separate router along with your wireless gateway, make sure the wireless gateway is in bridge mode. Learn more about turning bridge mode on your wireless gateway on and off. You'll also want to position the antennae of your router so that one is pointing vertically (12 o'clock), and the other one is pointing horizontally (either 3 or 9 o'clock) to broadcast the strongest signal.

Tips for Connected Devices

Whenever possible, plugging stationary WiFi-capable devices directly into your wireless gateway or router creates a more optimal experience for your other connected, handheld and mobile devices. For example, desktop computers, gaming consoles and video streaming devices make sense to be connected via Ethernet cable instead of wirelessly, especially when activities on those devices are taking up a lot of bandwidth (e.g., graphic-rich online gaming, movies or TV shows).

Older devices connected to your in-home WiFi network may slow down the Internet speed experienced on your other devices. As a result, you may want to disconnect or turn off older devices to improve overall WiFi performance. Newer devices connected to your network should be updated with the latest operating system or application versions.

Additional Tips

For details about staying connected to your in-home WiFi network, see how to troubleshoot Xfinity Internet or WiFi connection.

If you think your WiFi equipment is outdated, you can find out more about upgrading your wireless network equipment.

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