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The WPS button on ARRIS TG1682G modem

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The WPS button on ARRIS TG1682G modem

There is a WPS button on top of my ARRIS TG1682G modem gateway.


My wireless printer needs WPS to work.


Does anyone know how if this button is supposed to stay lit while WPS is on?  I pressed it, the button starts to flash.  After about 30 seconds it goes off, unlit.


What does that mean?  The other light indicators stay lit.  This one does not, does it mean it is having trouble with WPS or this is normal?  My wireless printer still doesn't work with the Comcast network and I am trying to determine if the issue is with WPS or somewhere else.


I can switch the printer and my computer back to my old DSL network with my old router and it works.  Change both back to the Comcast network and my computer sees the printer as "offline".


Went through the manual here:


and nothing on WPS other than saying that's the button.

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Re: The WPS button on ARRIS TG1682G modem

I've had a low success rate trying WPS on Comcast gateways, especially with HP printers, dozens of them.


Your better off to go the old fashion way by using the wizard on the installation disk, or put in the gateway's network name and network key in the printer manually.