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Terrible Connection

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Terrible Connection

So where do I start.....? This all started about 16 months ago when I had internet, tv, security and phone. I started to get pixelation and slow internet speeds. Of course I contacted “tech support” and they did the normal stuff...reboot, factory reset, go get a new modem and or tv boxes. As we all know this didn’t fix the issues. So they finally sent 2 techs to my house one to check inside and one to check outside. Inside connections and equipment checked out fine. Outside they found a terrible connection and the signal loss from the pole to my house which is roughly 100 feet was out of tolerance. Also the cable that was in the ground was old and wasn’t meant to reliably handle the body speed of 250mb. So the tech requested a new and upgraded cable and made it clear I would never get the advertised speed with said cable. So over 2 months goes by and they finally replace the cable......with the SAME one. So I cancelled all services but internet. Currently paying 100 dollars for blast speed. Mind you I am a senior IT tech and systems admin where I work and been doing this almost 2 decades. So over the last year I have called Comcast at least once a month with questions about my speeds which were tolerable at around 75 mb but again nowhere close to what I am paying for. The last 48 hours have been a nightmare. Attached is a picture of my speeds. I have one and only one wired connection to my modem and it’s my Xbox one. It’s five feet away from my modem. Over the last 48 hours I have experienced pocket losses at 48 percent and sometimes not even a 1mb download speed with latency at 100ms. So I once again contact “tech support” and they tried their normal let’s reset yards yards stuff. I told them to get a tier 2 rep on the phone who immediately found the problem is once again at the pedestal. So a tech is coming tomorrow between 3 and 5 and I had her put on the ticket to bring a temp cable to at least fox my issue till they can come replace thebunderground cable. I am so tired of this nonsense . Oh and they don’t feel I should be credited any money even though I am paying full price and receiving when I’m lucky a fifth of the speed.
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Re: Terrible Connection

I am experiencing similar problems the past week, averaing 20 to 35 MB/s for a service that sohould be in teh range of 175 to 250 my normal performance in the past several years.  Something has changed in the network, IMHO.   I also went through multitudes of reboots, powercycles, and even a equipment swap for the same model Arris 1682G as was the old unit, after bringing it home and going through configurations and a couple of reboots.  Still getting the same performance in the 20 to 35 range. 


Looking forward to the Technicians visit on Friday afternoon to investigate this issue further, where I suspect a failing overhead cable run from the pole to the house, which was stressed when a tree limb came down on it last October.