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TG1682G Ethernet Speed Cap?

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TG1682G Ethernet Speed Cap?



I've recently switched out a comcast modem/router.  I used to have the Arris TG862G but I was experiencing problems with WiFi.  Whenever somebody with Android 5+ logged into the network, they would be hit with criminally slow speeds, and on some of them it wouldn't work at all.


So I went to the service center and exchanged it for Arris TG1682G.  The first thing I noticed was the fact that it offers a dual band WiFi, one at 2.4Ghz and the other at 5Ghz.  Needless to say, now all devices work really well when connected on WiFi.  Here's a speed test I get on my laptop when I'm connected on WiFi:



Now as you can see, I do get the advertised speeds.  I'm on Blast so I shoud get around 105Mbit down and 10Mbit up.  No complaints.


However, when I connect through Ethernet, here's the result:



I prefer to use Ethernet for gaming because it is more reliable.  As fast as WiFi may be, I always experience lag.  This never happens when I'm connected on an Ethernet cable.


This is not an issue that is exclusive to my specific modem.  I've replaced it with another one of the same model since I was so happy with WiFi performance, I thought I got a faulty modem.  So in total that's 2 exchanges in the last few days.


Another thing I would like to mention that this happens on another computer as well.  I've checked the network driver, and it is running on 100Mbps full duplex.  This is also confirmed on the gateway settings page:



Any suggestions on how to fix this?


I've also read a reddit post about this.  It says that the decrease in speed is only noticable in speed tests but I disagree as I noticed that the download will not go over a certain limit, and WiFi connection downloads much faster.


I'm talking about this reddit post:


That post however is a month old, so I'm asking if there has been any body else with this type of a problem?  Perhaps they release a firmware to address the issue?


Any and all help is appreciated.  Thank you.


Re: TG1682G Ethernet Speed Cap?

Question posted is the same as BUMPING and is not permitted in the forums.

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Re: TG1682G Ethernet Speed Cap?

Not heard of a firmware fix for this, the simple answer is to use gigabit nic's. Even if you were using a different Arris model before and getting faster speed using 10/100. You still would not have attained the 125mbps download speed.


Good luck with it.


FWIW, testing this device with a 10/100 ethernet connection, I got a speed of 44/24, with Extreme 105/20. On a gigabit connection I get 126/24. So yes, it does have a problem with 10/100 nics



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Re: TG1682G Ethernet Speed Cap?



It looks like they've fixed it.  I haven't upgraded my NIC card but recently have been getting 90+Mbps both on & dslreports.


I had noticed a few small changes in the router default page, so I decided to do a speed test but this time without the gigabit network switch in between - what do you know?


I keep getting 90+Mbit.  Finally, it seems they've heard the complaints and fixed the issue.




This rarely happens with Comcast so I'm very happy about this.





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Re: TG1682G Ethernet Speed Cap?

Tested mine it was still on a slow speed with 10/100. Pressed the reset button, seems we have a firmware update:










Congrats, now get 90 on 10/100....!

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Re: TG1682G Ethernet Speed Cap?

Thanks for the help on the forums, I'm a self-taught networker and have about...two months' experience.  How can I check the firmware version of my Arris TG162G?


Thanks again,


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Re: TG1682G Ethernet Speed Cap?

Log in to the gateway at Default userID is admin password is password


Then click on software from the menu on the left

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Re: TG1682G Ethernet Speed Cap?

Thank you!