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T3 time-out problems

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T3 time-out problems



Currently using a Motorola MG7550 (attached screenshots are from this device).


Prior devices were a Netgear C7000 v2 and a Comcast (CISCO) DPC3941T.  All had the same symptoms as current Motorola router.


I've had intermittent internet cutouts since I moved into my current home in October 2017.  They were very infrequent and I chocked it up to "that's just the way it is".  Since 2 weeks ago, the problem has become much more prevelent.  I had been on the fence about buying my own modem/router for some time before the problem got worse so I went and did so...hoping it would fix the issue.


First modem was a Netgear c7000 v2.  Activated it with Comcast and immediately started getting internet dropouts.  The event log was littered with T3 timeout /range response issues.  After Googling how to remedy this, I found numerous posts from people with the same issue with that particular router.  After contacting Netgear support for help with the matter, I was told that "they have a firmware update available that fixes the issue but it's awaiting approval from Comcast before they can release it".  I have no clue if that's true but that's what I was told.  The large number of posts from other people with the same issue told me that this wasn't the product for me.  So I returned it and got a Motorola MG7550.  Other people had excahnged for the same unit and reported a much better experience and that it fixed their internet dropouts.


Now using the Motorola MG7550 and am still having random dropouts / T3 timeout issues.


As for troubleshooting: I have replaced the "cheap gold colored" splitter between the wall plate and cable box/modem with an Antronix 5-1000 mhz 2 way 3.5 dB.  Took my coax wrench and verified that all connections were snug (but not too tight).  All the cables inside the home are RG6 and have compression ends.  I checked all those after reading the connection troubleshooting sticky here.


Any other suggestions before I call and schedule a tech visit?


Thank you.


EDIT: I've added the values from the Comcast modem in case they help.

Event Log.jpgEvent LogUS DS.jpgUS/DS

XFinity Values 1.jpg
XFinity Values 2.jpg
XFinity Values 3.jpg
XFinity Values 4.jpg
XFinity Values 5.jpg

Re: T3 time-out problems

Hi @Buzzwyzr

I've asked an employee to check the CMTS for real-time and historical RF signal reports from your modem. They can also check your local node/plant for any degradation or error reports. You can expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: T3 time-out problems

Hello Buzzwyzr. I can assist with further troubleshooting your internet connectivity issues. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name and account primary phone number so I can assist you.

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Official Employees are from multiple teams within Comcast: Product, Support, Leadership. We ask that you post publicly so people with similar questions may benefit from the conversation.

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Re: T3 time-out problems

Thank you The_Janitor for your help! πŸ‘
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Re: T3 time-out problems

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