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T3 and T4 timeouts but getting NO ASSISTANCE from technical support

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T3 and T4 timeouts but getting NO ASSISTANCE from technical support

I had my own purchased Cable Modem which is only 2 years old. Needed Xfinity Performance for a telecommuting job my daughter was hired for. There were constant drops in service and I figured, maybe it's because we also stream plenty of television/movies and connect our phones. So I upped to Blast at $75/month. Still having internet dropping issues. Checked my logs and it showed intermittent drops due to T3 and T4 timeouts. On Monday, I called to have a tech come out. I was not here. He told my daughter "it's your router/modem or it's the VPN" that is disconnecting the internet. I knew that wasn't true. He looked at NOTHING. Not levels, didn't check the cable from the pole, didn't verify anything at all. Other than look at the fact that the drop is new (I recently had this installed in April 2018). So, I called and asked for a tech to come out again, after researching the issue and determining it is likely the lines in this neighborhood. Same tech comes out, I speak to him this time. He says "nothing wrong, you have new drop and look, my phone shows all green. You've had no drop in service since you installed it in April 2018." He said "you own your modem, so it's likely your equipment and I can't service that." Ok, I run to the store and buy a $200 new Netgear router/modem. Provision it online and I"m up and running....for about 5 hours. Then, guess what? Yup, T3/T4 timeout occurs again. And then again the next. Then again the following day. and it continues, multiple times a day. This will not get resolved, because Comcast doesn't seem to care if the quality of their $75 internet service is horrible, especially since (as the tech said) "we only check the lines if at least 3 people complain about the service." The stupid part? I used to work for Comcast and helped launch CHSI back in the day. I am familiar with how these things work. Yet, I can't get a line tech or even a regular tech to even LOOK at the drop, LOOK at the lines, etc. There aren't enough people who care and I'm stuck, because I rent here and my daughter is now going to LOSE HER JOB because of this intermittent dropping issue. I'm already out the money I pay monthly to maintain this service, plus $200 on new equipment, yet Comcast could care less, it appears. I just want this fixed. Trouble call scheduled for Tuesday, but by then, she'll have lost her new job because we've been dealing with this since she officially started last week. 


Re: T3 and T4 timeouts but getting NO ASSISTANCE from technical support

Start here: troubleshooting guide. If you still need help, please post your equipment details (make/model of your modem/gateway/router) and a screenshot of your signal levels and your error/event log. Thank you!

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