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T3 Time Outs/Dynamic Range Window Violations/T4 Time Outs

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T3 Time Outs/Dynamic Range Window Violations/T4 Time Outs

I have been having some connectivity issues and internet has been randomly dropping. On the main line outside, there was a splitter that I was only utilizing one side of, so I eliminated the splitter completely. This seemed to slow the issues from happening every couple of minutes, to about every 12 hours, and acutally increased the Downstream power levels. One thing that I did not have as many of were the corrected and uncorrectables. I have the modem plugged into a line that is directly attached to the main line. The log that I have posted is of the last 12 hours, as I have cleared it every time I have changed something in my internet equation.


Not sure what to do from here and would love to bypass talking through the issues over the phone and running through the "restart your modem" prompts, as this is something that I have done already and it did not curb this issue. 


And ideas and/or solutions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advnace! - Downstream Channels - Upstream Channels - System Log

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Re: T3 Time Outs/Dynamic Range Window Violations/T4 Time Outs

PatrickMcKenna, appreciate you posting here about your internet concerns and including your logs. I'd be happy to take a look at your signal levels at bit closer, especially inside and outside of the premise. Please shoot me a private message with your full name so we can begin. 



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