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Suddenly can't watch Netflix or Hulu

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Suddenly can't watch Netflix or Hulu

I have a Vizio TV with a remote that has a Netflix button on it.  When I push this button, I am able to watch Netflix.  Last week, the outside cable as severed and we lost cable TV and internet.  A technician replaced the severed cable outside, and now we have cable TV and internet again, yay.  But now Netflix and Hulu both complain there is "no internect connection."  If I go to the Vizio TV settings and try to connect to our network, it won't let me, even though I am using the password on my modem (or whatever that thing is).  When I chatted with three Comcast reps over three hours, saying "Why doesn't think work anymore?", they finally said my Vizio TV is incompatible (even though it was working fine until Tuesday).  They said I had to buy an LG or Samsung smart TV if I wanted to continuew to watch Netflix and Hulu.  I am baffled.  Is buying a new TV the only way to solve this problem?  I've been watching Netflix and Hulu on my "imcompatible" Vizio TV for five years.  I feel miserable.

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Re: Suddenly can't watch Netflix or Hulu

You’re going in the wrong direction, I’d try Vizio support as that’s the device you’re having trouble with. Also, double check that you’re using the proper wireless password (use the myaccount app to verify) or hook it up directly with an Ethernet cord

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