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Speed test to Gateway just spins forever.

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Speed test to Gateway just spins forever.

I changed from the XB6 to the XB7 and bumped up my speed from 600mb to 1gb on Wednesday.


Since then, speed test to gateway just spins and spins and never completes.


It does this via the app and also through the website.  I have called support probably 5-6 times and they do the same steps of provisioning and rebooting the router and nothing helps.


I thought my new XB7 was the problem so I took it into Xfinity store and replaced it, but it still doe the same thing.


At this point I'm pretty sure it's an issue with my account.  If I log into my xfinity and click Change Plan, it always says  Sorry, because of flex we need to connect you to an agent.  It's like my 1gb increase is stuck in progress, but all the techs say I'm at 1GB.  Very frustrating.  Anyone else have this problem?

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Re: Speed test to Gateway just spins forever.

So I just got Xfinity last week and I am on the 1 GB Plan and they sent me an XB6. It was horrible and a week later the technician switched me to XB7. This was just yesterday. Like you, I was a bit obsessed as to why the gateway speed test no longer worked. And when I would contact support, the first person told me it would be fixed in “one hour”. LOL.

Later that night I tried again and this person, like the first, thought I was talking about the device speed test. After making it clear, she did SOMETHING that I am still not sure what she did but everything went off. Luckily I still had AT&T internet as backup and when I got back with support, I had to rename the gateway, new password, everything. And this was after I had just finished setting up range extenders and labeling all devices coming in. I was not happy and it ruined my evening.

One day later it still does not work but I dare not contact support. Right now I am seeing what Comcast gets such bad reviews. I was offered $10 for my troubles, $10. And I have had to keep AT&T for a week until they fixed it all.
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Re: Speed test to Gateway just spins forever.

At least none of us are alone in the new fiasco, I was trying to play a Google Stadia but it started pixelating so i ran a test from phone then a popup said I need a new modem for faster speeds, ok so the new moden in place I have same issue with test spinning on pc so I tested with still getting old 400 speed Ive reset ,rebooted now I just read Comcast is turning internet speeds up for everyone... LoL GD covid...