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Speed of 'Performance Pro'

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Speed of 'Performance Pro'

What is the actual speed of the 'Performance Pro' plan? I'm seeing conflicting information.


Under the "Data Usage" section of my account, it shows:

My Internet plan:Performance Pro

Download Speed: 50Mbps
Upload Speed: 5Mbps


However, under the Plans section of the website, it shows 100Mbps...   So which one is it? Do I need to do something to change to 100 from 50?


Performance Pro

  • Fastest, most reliable in-home WiFi
  • Faster speeds to stream and download HD content
    • Internet 100 Mbps


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Re: Speed of 'Performance Pro'

Performance Pro was recently upgraded in most areas (that have it) I believe from 75/5 to 100/5. With the Comcast overprovision you should see around 120/6. Test directly from the modem/gateway by ethernet. (not wireless). Ensure the device directly connected has a 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet port, not 10/100 fast ethernet.


Re: Speed of 'Performance Pro'

Have you tried powercycling the modem / gateway device to help pull the new speed config if it is actually queued / present on your local system ?

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