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Speed down during day even after upgrading modem

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Speed down during day even after upgrading modem



About 3 weeks ago, I had asked a question on my internet speed going down during the day (both upload and download). I am on the 'performance pro' plan and I think that is advertized as up to 200 Mbps (down) and 5 Mbps (up). The speed would consistently drop to around 50 Mbps (down) and less than 1 Mbps (up)  during the daytime. I was using the Arris SB6141 modem and was recommended to upgrade it. I upgraded to Arris SB6190 modem. 


Now with the upgraded modem, I see speeds of 200 Mbps (down) and ~5 Mbps (up) during off-peak times like in the night and weekends. However, during weekdays day time, the speed still reduces to ~120 Mbps (down) and less than 1 Mbps (up). I am ok with with the download speed dropping , but cannot live with this upload speed . Makes working behind a VPN for official work nearly impossible with Skype calls. 


I had called technical support, but got an answer that not much further debugging could be done as I do not own a Xfinity gateway and have my own modem. 


Any suggestions on how to make sure the upload speed does not go down like this , especially since I am paying for the plan which should be at least giving me about ~5 Mbps (upload) speed.