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Slow speeds, boot file?

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Slow speeds, boot file?

I'm currently paying for Blast pro (250Mbps) and I'm getting speeds of 40/50Mbps down and 11Mbps (consistenly) up while hardwired. 


I have the CM600-1AZNAS currently hooked up. I've tried restarting it, moving it from the living room to the kitchen but no luck. I've already updated the cable modem as well to see if that would help but roughly the same speed.


I've seen others say that they needed Comcast to confirm the bootfile being sent and that I'm being provisioned correctly.







Re: Slow speeds, boot file?

The upload speed is that of the Blast tier, so it would suggest that the speed provisioning / bootfile is correct.


Start here;


Post the requested info from here;


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