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Slow Upload Speed (Under 1mbps)

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Slow Upload Speed (Under 1mbps)

Every night for the last week or so at exactly 10:53 PM PT, my upload speed drops from 5 mbps to 0.2-0.3 at the fastest, and more often at 0.008 mbps.  I know it stays slow like this for 4-5 hours, but by morning it is back and good until the following night.  Rinse and repeat.


Normal upload speed is 55-63 mbps.  I'm told by Comcast's call center I should be getting 85-100 mbps, but I have never seen that speed level before.  It's annoying that Amazon Echo's can't function, can't stream video content for art creation, etc.  I can't even use Xfinity's own pay service because it times out trying to send commands to their system.


I replaced the modem twice, no change.


I've bypassed the router, no change.


Changed out all cabling, no change.


It's highly suspicious that it keeps dropping at exactly 10:53 PM PST each time.  Even with only a single device connected directly, no router, it happens the same way.  It's nothing on my network causing the issue.    It feels like some node or something is resetting at the same time each night, and since most people are not using devices with any sort of upload demand at those hours, it isn't being noticed as download speeds are not affected.


Weird.  And frustrating as it is preventing me from doing my job.  


Multiple calls to Comcast have only resulted in them telling me everything is fine, it must be your end, etc.  As a PC computer and network technician for my day job supporting 3,000 clients and double that number in computers across mutiple campus locations,  I am pretty darn confident my hardware is not at fault here.


Comcast tech will come out in two days to take a look at it.  If it was a cabling issue, it should be happening any time during the day or night, weather possibly affecting it.  Being predictable to the minute tells me it's upstream.


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Re: Slow Upload Speed (Under 1mbps)

Technician came out, found nothing wrong with my equipment or connections. The line noise was high though, and a sampling of the other connections on the local node were in the mid 20db range, meaning the line quality was very poor. A line tech was called to come out, but I do not know if this happened. The node info showed 300+ customers affected.

I asked if that counts as an outage. No, since there is still download speed, it is all fine and they will investigate as needed. Told me to give it a day or two.

30 minutes later I get a robocall saying my service ticket was closed as successfully resolved. No, it has not been. Problem has not been addressed. Once again my upload speed has dropped from 5mbps to 0.2-0.4mbps exactly 10:53 pm PT. Comcast did not seem to believe the coincidence of the service drop happening each night at 10:53 pm pt was significant in any way.

I guess I will call back in the morning and open another case. It is clearly on their end, and I am paying for a service I cannot use. They cannot simply wash their hands of it and pretend it is not happening. Must be patient and hope they figure it out quickly.
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Re: Slow Upload Speed (Under 1mbps)

Comcast has not addressed the issue at this time.  Attempts to get them to acknowledge the issue have been met with silence.  Even the case number provided to me that I have been using for reference no longer is valid and they seem to have magically lost all records, however they do document I keep calling about a problem.



Each time they want to test the modem, then suggest the modem needs to be replaced. I've replaced it three times in a week. That's over $250 in hardware wasted.


Technician sent out confirms it has nothing to do with my side.  It is upstream with noisy lines.  The issue of having the upload speed dump at 10:53 PM PT never gets documented in any of the calls and isn't being taken seriously.   Every.  Single. Night. At. 10:53.  PM. PT.  Not sure why Comcast is refusing to accept that this is a problem.


Unfortunately, nobody else in the area has service, so it's either Comcast or using semaphores or signal flares for network communications.  


I'm wondering if I upgrade to the commercial account if they will take me seriously.  I'm already losing $200+ a week in lost revenue doing art online as a result.  I've lost $600 so far in lost sales.  The commercial account is terribly expensive, but since Comcast cannot provide service at the level promised, maybe I have to pay them more money to take me seriously.


Currently they will only credit my account once they find out what the issue is, and they keep closing my tickets, so no credit is coming.  There is no outage, they say.  Well, I'm supposed to 100/10, and I'm getting around 50 down and 0.2 up.  So that's not good and definitely a breach of contract for failing to fulfill the speeds advertised and promised.   


I'm not sure what to do at this point.  Pay Comcast more money to force them to honor their own obligations, or, well, there is no other option. They have a monopoly, so there is no choice.



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Re: Slow Upload Speed (Under 1mbps)

Did you ever figure this out or get comcast to do anything about it? I'm having this exact same issue, for the second morning in a row, right at 5:00 am the upload speed drops to almost nothing. In a speed test it slowly climbs to 1mbps. Very annoying because I work nights and 5 am is the middle of my day. This just started out of nowhere


Re: Slow Upload Speed (Under 1mbps)

Year old dead thread now being closed. Please create your own new topic here detailing your issue.