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Slow MoCa speeds over 1 gigabit

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Slow MoCa speeds over 1 gigabit

I can’t seem to figure out why I’m only getting ~150mbps speeds to my desktop over moca. I have two Motorola mm1000 moca 2.0 boxes and the gigabit internet tier. The cabling in the house is only a few years old so should be solid. Could I really be losing that much speed? I’m getting upwards of 600mbps to my Android tv box plugged into the router in my living room.

Anyone have similar issues or ideas on how to fix?


My desktop card is 100/1000 so should be able to handle all gigabit speeds from the moca box.


Frustrating and help is appreciated!

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Re: Slow MoCa speeds over 1 gigabit

A few questions.

How far away are the two adapters from each other?

Are they bonded MoCA 2.0 or regular MoCA 2.0 ?

Are all your splitters MoCA compliant?

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