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Slow Internet, Neighborhood Specific Issues

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Slow Internet, Neighborhood Specific Issues

I currently have the 150 mbps plan but have speeds of 100+ mbps once. Aside from that one instance it's somewhere between 5 and 10. I'm certain it's not my modem/router as I've tried my equipment at a friend's place and have even tried his equipment at my place (with issues only happening at my place). pinging will sometimes show 25% loss even when speeds are 10 mbps (high for me at this point). These are for speed tests run throughout the day and not just at night during high traffic hours. The only time I saw speeds of 100+ was when Comcast randomly called me and asked me to check if my internet speed was okay since they had just fixed something, but the next day it went back to being really slow.


How do I get Comcast to send out a tech to look at cables in the neighborhood and not just my house? Comcast phone/chat support is useless. My last call the rep reset my modem twice and even signed me up for xfinity tv without my consent (I only stopped it thanks to the confirmation email I got about my "new service).


Re: Slow Internet, Neighborhood Specific Issues

Start here;


Post the requested info from here;


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