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Signal issues and frequent unexpected maintenance

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Signal issues and frequent unexpected maintenance

I started having a problem a few weeks ago, where I was getting T3 errors around the same time in the morning, but everything was fine the reset of the day.  That progressed to getting more errors before finally on April 1st there was a 15 minute declared “unscheduled” outage of Internet.  


Things were okay until April 7th when when I started having brief 1 to 2 minute outages followed by another 10 to 15 minute declared outage that affected TV and Internet.   When service came back the downstream power on my modem and TVs dropped, though was still in range.   My upstream modem power jumped from 48 to 54.  I was connected, but this wasn’t normal so I scheduled a tech. 


On the 8th there was another approximate 20 minute outage around 1:30 pm. I also received a phone call telling me there is maintenance going on in my area and to cancel my service call if things are working.  The Internet went down again for a few minutes at 5:30 pm.  I kept my appointment as the upstream power was at 52 at that point.  


On April 9th, two techs showed up.  One was for my house, the other for my neighbors. He took readings and determined my upstream power was too high and put in a trouble ticket.  


April 10th the Twitter team informed me that maintenance was done and to check my signals.  I did so later in the day and the upstream power was now at 45.  The downstream power was still a bit low, but still in spec.  My biggest issue was that the downstream power on some of my Tv channels (frequencies 201 MHz and lower) were low.  Even the ones that weren’t low were getting occasional corrected and/or uncorrected errors.  Picture seemed okay as was Internet so I didn’t do anything about that. 


April 11th, a few T3 errors and corrected errors. Downstream signals dropped a little more, but still in spec.  Things still working. 


April 12th, Internet went out for a few minutes in the morning.  I scheduled an appointment for Saturday.  I was told there was maintenance being done.  I got an automated call later and asked to cancel my appointment if things are working.  I’m still seeing occasional T3 errors and downstream signals look the same.   I’m also getting occasional poor results from the ping test which can show an A, C and F all in the same test.  


Considering it seems like there is maintenance every few days which is shown as “complete” only to be needed to be done again, something is obviously wrong.  I can’t get any useful info though other than “maintenance is complete”.


What is going on and how long until things are truely fixed?



Re: Signal issues and frequent unexpected maintenance

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: Signal issues and frequent unexpected maintenance

Hi, Morac2 - I see you were able to get assistance with your signal issue from my peer on Twitter. We are a digital care team and we all have the identical access. If you would like to continue troubleshooting via Forums - please let me know and I will close your Twitter conversation to avoid duplicate post's on multiple platforms. If you would like to continue communication in Twitter - please let me know as well. 

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Re: Signal issues and frequent unexpected maintenance

I’ll continue through Twitter I guess.  I just wish there was more info as to when the completed maintenance is truely completed.