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Signal Levels Check | Why do I lose connection every week?

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Signal Levels Check | Why do I lose connection every week?

I'll start off with my biggest frustration. It seems every week, our modem loses it's connection back to the CMTS. I usually get an email from my smart home saying it's losts it connection, followed by my other half saying she's unable to VPN into work. After about 10-30 minutes, the modem will finally connect back and provide internet again. Sometimes we pull the power plug on the modem and that seems to speed things up, but it doesn't always make it quicker.


I feel I get a lot of correctables/uncorrectables on my modem (when checked locally). For instance, my modem was only up for ~ 12 hours and one of my channel had over 5,000,000 correctables. That seems high to me, but maybe it's normal. Also, I feel my upstream power is on the low side after looking at many forums questions and screenshots over over 40 dBmv.


I tried calling the 1-800 number to get more support, but all they were willing to do was send a reset command. The last person told me I may need to do this often to help resolve the issues, but that is unacceptable to me.


If someone can tell me how my numbers look and let me know which way I should continue troubleshooting, that would be fantastic. I'm running a Motorola MB8600 with Gig service. I own my modem and have an EdgeRouter 6P performing my routing functions. The LAN is accessible during the outage and functioning correctly because I use my router to route between VLANs so I know my outage isn't on the LAN side.


Below is my bottom portion of my screen shot after 12 hours of uptime (just prior to Comcast sending remote reset signal)

12_hour.pngNext is my modem being up after Comcast reset signal (9 mins):



Does everything look good? Should I be getting a truck roll for tech to look at line or should I be looking at a new modem? Cable line and modem are just over 1 year old (new house). I was present for the tech running the initial cable line from curb. No splitter, only 1 connection to cable modem (F barrel).


Thanks in advance!