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SB8200 with Triple-Play Telephone?

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SB8200 with Triple-Play Telephone?

I was returning equipment at the Xfinity store yesterday, and inqured about upgrading my XB3 (TG1682G) modem.  They gave me an XB6 (TG3482G) and said it would increase my home speed "dramatically".  I was doubtful, as I was already getting good d/l speed through the old modem.  


I made the switch, and now I'm seing intermittent slowdowns, and one of my downstream channels won't lock.  So, I'm now considering buying my own modem, and would probably get the SB8200.  However, we also have Xfinity telephone at home (triple-play), which the SB8200 doesn't support.


I heard on another forum of someone who is renting the TM722G just for the phone, but then I suppose I would still be renting along with owning a modem.


If I want to switch to the SB8200, and not pay for additional equipment, do I need to give up triple-play?

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Re: SB8200 with Triple-Play Telephone?

I believe eMTA only rental from them is free so you should be able to keep the gateway and use it as phone only while getting the SB8200 for Internet only. However, if you just use the SB8200 you might be forces to relinquish the triple play when and if an audit gets done on your account.

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Re: SB8200 with Triple-Play Telephone?

I have not confirmed this yet but I have heard of people buying a TG862 for voice only and SB8200 for data only..  I have a meeting later this week and looking to confirm this..

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Re: SB8200 with Triple-Play Telephone?

I'm currently a Triple Play customer, and I'm running a network with an Arris SB8200 for Gigabit Internet, and an older Arris TM722G for voice only (which I got off Amazon for $30), plus an ASUS RT-AC68P router.


Got both modems activated by calling Comcast. 


Gotta say, I'm much happier with this setup than I was with the TG3482G/XB6-A. I can't believe I put up with running that gateway in bridge mode with my ASUS router for months before just giving up and getting the SB8200 /TM722G. 

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