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SB8200 Link Aggregation

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SB8200 Link Aggregation

Had seen quite a few posts trying to get support on enab ling Link Aggregation in the SB8200, but none addresses the issue I'm seen.

Setup here is a SB8200 connected to an ASUS RT-AC68U with firmware. Every time I enable Link Aggregation in the modem, I lose connection with it regardless the settings in the router.

I can enable double WAN in the router, but only works as a failover link. Any other setting leaves the router slow to  crawl. If Load Balancing is enabled, I get a message saying the ISP configuration does not support the configuration.

Modem info is:

Standard Specification Compliant: DOCSIS 3.1

HW Version: 4

SW Version: AB01.01.009.51_080720_183.0A.NSH

Had tried different fimware versions in the router, from 384 to 386, but results are always the same.

Some of the posts I have seen asks for a second IP, but LAG does not need a second IP. Last September I upgraded my service to Gigabit Ethernet and had issues until a firmware update was pushed in the modem. After that, speed is more stable, but requires a modem restart when latency starts crawling over 8 ms.

Any hint of what I might be missing?