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Routinely dropped from work VPN

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Routinely dropped from work VPN

I desperately need assistance determining what is going on with my home xFi. I have never been able to be on a Skype web conference (audio + video) for more than 20-30 minutes before I am dropped from my employer's VPN which then ends the call. It is quickly becoming a critical issue that will affect my employment if it's not resolved. 


Both my wife and I now work from home, and our children may have several Zoom sessions during the school day. However, we have 1000MBps service and I'm capable of clocking over 900MB via Cat6 into the router. I've also gotten well over 500MBps via WiFi. Even in the "worst" location and with other devices connected, I'm still clocking well over 100MBps. (All of these speeds were obtained using the xFinity speed test.) 


The first issue I'd like to determine is whether or not I'm getting a steady signal in to the router. I'd like Comcast to determine that my incoming signal is robust and consistent, so it's not causing these drops. How can we do this? 


I also did a hard reset of my Model CGM4140COM router yesterday. My company's IT verified that all of my drivers are up-to-date, that the VPN script is correct, and I can confirm that I'm not using Windows Sys Tray to log in to the VPN (Win10 V1903 known issue). 


Today I noticed several errors in the Firewall log since I did the reset, see below. I can tell you that the times logged do seem to coincide directly to when I was logged in to the VPN. Can you please comment whether these are normal entries? Are these possibly the VPN being blocked by the Firewall in the XB6 Gateway?



FW.IPv6 FORWARD drop, 8350  Attempts, 2020/5/08 12:11:02 Firewall Blocked

FW.IPv6 INPUT drop, 114 Attempts, 2020/5/08 11:52:09 Firewall Blocked

FW.IPv6 FORWARD drop, 3059 Attempts, 2020/5/07 15:58:01 Firewall Blocked

FW.IPv6 INPUT drop, 180 Attempts, 2020/5/07 15:58:01 Firewall Blocked


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Routinely dropped from work VPN

having the exact same issue.. have seen 5 tickets over the past month with this same issue and nothing has been resolved.

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Re: Routinely dropped from work VPN

@cosgrove1076 wrote:

having the exact same issue.. 

My company's IT was able to help out with staying connected by clearing out my Windows Credentials in the Win10 Credential Manager. There were multiple passwords being stored for my Outlook, VPN, and Skype accounts that created a conflict. This is a known issue and I sincerely hope it is able to help you too. 


👉 LINK: How to clear the Windows Credential Manager  

Windows has the option to save passwords for programs like Outlook, Skype for Business, VPN software and others. When the password expires or changes, the credential is maintained in the Credential Manager. This can cause issues when attempting to log into the software with saved passwords. To correct issues with saved credentials, the Credential Manager will need to have the no longer valid password removed.