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Router not showing all connected devices.

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Router not showing all connected devices.

I'm having an issue with an IOT hub.  When I log into the router it says only one device is connected.  I know for a fact that several devices are connected.  In fact the device I was using to access the router was not listed as being connected.  I have refreshed several times and even reset the router to factory settings.  I feel like there was a firmware update or something because the GUI has changed since I was last in.  Plus I no long see both the 2.4 and 5 WiFi networks.  HAs anyone else experienced similar?  If so what is the solution besides taking a bat to the box.



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Re: Router not showing all connected devices.

As of around 12:15am this morning some of my wireless devices at home no longer able to connect to my wifi.  Nothing changed on my end, so it's has to be to Comcast.  One device is saying "wrong password" but I know it's correct.