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Ridiculously slow internet

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Ridiculously slow internet

I've been experiencing painfully slow internet for several days now.  Painful like I can watch pictures fill in... like I'm on dial-up.  My speed test today is 7mbps down and 35mbps up.  My speed has been no where near the gigabit service that I am paying for for several months now it seems.  I recently swapped from owned equipment back to leased in an effort to improve the consistency of the speed.  Initially I thought it has worked and I was getting 600-900 mbps.  Slowly but surely the speeds have coasted down  500, 200, 100, 50.... now the internet is barely useable.  I certainly can't stream anything.  I've tried power cycling the modem and running the troubleshooting tool to no avail.  I need someone from US based support to help me.


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