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Request escalation after weeks of problem - Next steps?

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Request escalation after weeks of problem - Next steps?

It's been about two months since I singed up for Xfinity service.  Since day one it's been a headache of intermittent modem resets/reboots and outages. I've had three tech persons on site to my house and all three said "the signal is good."  One tech observed the problem and said he would "escalate to maintenance" and never heard back again.  Granted, when they come out everything seems fine until 6 - 24 hours later that the problem starts again.


I have weeks of cable modem logs to prove the issue but none of them want to see it. As a work from home person this is not acceptable. No one at Comcast seems to care.


Things I have done:

  1. Replace the router Netgear R700, twice.
  2. Replace the modem from Netgear CM700 to a Motorola and back to the original CM700
  3. Move the router to the shorted possible connection from outside to inside (no other splitters)

All changes resulted in the same problem.


 At this point I am escalating this to your team an am asking for whatever escalation process you have for matters like these. If I don’t get resolution, I will seek another service provider and ask for termination of my contract. If I can’t get out of the contract, I will refuse payment and report the matter to my local regulatory consumer office.


If you contact me I can provider all service record, but I assume you should have them. 


Very fustrated customer.