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Reliability of Connection (Long Term Test)

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Reliability of Connection (Long Term Test)

Are there any programs that can be recommended for testing internet reliability? Something like a speed test, however I am specifically interested in monitoring my upload speeds over time (and maybe graphing them).


I am running macOS so if there are any relevant tools built into the system, that works, as well as third party application suggestions.  


Thank you.


Re: Reliability of Connection (Long Term Test)

If you sign up for a free account at Ookla ( ), you get the ability to track your speed results over time, look at trends, even export the results to a CSV file. 

I believe also gives you those functions as well as more comprehensive tools. 

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Re: Reliability of Connection (Long Term Test)

Thanks for the suggestion. I've used a bunch but didn't know they had a login. I recently got the desktop app which logs all my tests too. I'll check out their account. 


Sounds like is what I'm looking for. I appreciate the lead.