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Rebooting our router every morning

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Rebooting our router every morning

So last weekend maintenance was done in my area as I saw a notice on my account app. Ever since then I’ve had to reboot my router every morning. If I don’t, I can’t play any internet connected games on my iPhone and my hp WiFi printer isn’t connected to our network. We have XB6 router with Advanced Security and Home Secure.  Also on Thursday which was Independence Day I couldn’t create or delete an rules on the automation tab of my Xfinity Home app.  The message I received was “something went wrong”. It was like that all evening. I thought possibly that was due to people opening and closing my patio door as we had a picnic in the yard. I was able to adjust rules in automation on Friday but the rebooting of the router continues and is now annoying. Any help would be appreciated. No, I haven’t called since I expected the staff was scarce due to it being a big vacation week. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Linda

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Re: Rebooting our router every morning

lkpolovchik, I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're running into with the internet connection! I would be lost without reliable internet, and I get how important it is to ensure everything is up and running consistently. I checked on your area and I'm not seeing any current issues. Can you please send me a PM with your first and last name so that we can troubleshoot this further? 

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