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Re: very slow internet speed

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Re: very slow internet speed

The question is FAKE advertising. I watch these TV ads over and over and they are pure phoney baloney.

Our building of some 300 units had fiberoptic cable installed some years ag per Comcast.

We had down speeds of 150 mbps regularly - sometimes a little slower.

Now we are lucky to get 20 mbps down.

It varies all over the place.

NOT just my home (hard-wired) but many others in our building who bother to perform the Comcast speed test.

Seems obvioius they do not have sufficient bandwidth and are dividing it up more and more among customers so nothing trickles down to me.

Main USA Comcast CEO office put me in touch with their chief Chicago technician some months ago who communicated with me for a while, did nothing, and then the SOB stopped answering me. Origially I assumed a local node problem. Well... it did get better for a while then the same thing happened.

I recently wrote their headquarters (CEO) no response.

I am paying for high speed and getting very slow service..

They do NOTHING.

Is there any responsible Federal or Illinois State agency responsible which can be contacted - i.e. is there ANY regulation?

If not, there needs to be.

I say enough is enough.