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Re: Wireless Gateway Password Reset

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Re: Wireless Gateway Password Reset

A user asked:


I just got the Arris TG852 from Comcast today as a replacement for my old set-up. Installation went fine, I renamed my SSID, etc, but I was stupid and didn't write down the username and password for the actualy Xfinity Gateway so I can perform setting adjustments, etc. I did a hard reset to the modem which reset the network key/ID and all of that. I went to log onto the gateway using admin and password and it said authentication failed. I have tried all password variations I can think I might have used, but still nothing. I can still access the internet using the default values, but it would be nice to be able to get into the gateway to perform maintenance and what-not. Do you have any idea what I can do. Comcast is absolutely clueless when I call in.


How exactly did you hard reset the gateway?  What IP address did you use to configure the gateway in the fisrt place.  The reason I ask is that this device can have two different firmware loads, one from Arris which answers at and a custom one from Comcast which answers at  Which version do you have?  In other words, which IP address does the gateway respond on? 


In either case, to properly reset this device to factory defaults, you press and hold the Reset button on the back for more than 15 seconds (according to both Arris and Comcast documentation).  Make sure that the coax and ethernet cables are disconnected when you do this.  Also according to both docs, the default userid "admin" and the default password "password" should again be active on the gateway.  If you reset it and this password does NOT work, reset it again, holding the Reset buton for 20 seconds (just to be sure).


If there is a printed label on the device with default settings, then try those values, if they are different in some fashion.


If this all fails and you have one of the Comcast supplied gateways with custom firmware, then call Comcast at 800-363-2416 ask them to change the password.  They have the means for remote access using tools and interfaces hidden to you.


Personally, I would skip all of this, call Comcast and get them to replace the gateway with a regular cable modem (or EMTA if you have Xfinity Voice serivce).  If you don't have Xfinity Voice, consider just buying your own cable modem (a Motorola SB6120 or SB6121 are excellent choices) and stop paying Comcast $7/mo in rental fees.  If you do have Xfinity Voice, then rent the EMTA or buy an Arris TM722G from one of the Comcast kiosks in various Best Buy stores.


In general, always avoid all-in-one gateways like the fricking plague, they are nothing but trouble and you are usually far better served by a seperate cable modem (yours or theirs) and your own wireless router which you have complete control over

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Re: Wireless Gateway Password Reset

Baric--I printed out this post because I will do the reset IF there is a firmware update for the Arris TG852G. I have Comcast Triple Play--does this mean I have no choice as to the firmware, i.e., do I have to take Comcast's as opposed to Arris's? I have Comcast's instructions printed out for when I go to the Wireless Gateway website (it indicates for the address line). Do I have a choice here?


You state to disconnect ethernet and coaxial cables before the reset attempt (I assume that I shut down the computer after the download--or do I restart it, THEN shut down?). What about the RJ-11 cable? Should I disconnect ALL cables (except of course the power)? How do I know I've done a successful reset?


Can you provide a short step-by-step? I tried the search function but couldn't find anything all that comprehensive.

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Re: Wireless Gateway Password Reset

When you chose to use a gateway, you give up all control of the firmware to Comcast.  You have no choice in what it is or when (if ever) it gets updated.  Even if you buy the Arris version of the gateway, Comcast can just overwrite the firmware with their own whenever they wish even if that disables features or otherwise causes a problem.  You have NO choices here.  this ithe big reason I say NEVER, EVER use a gateway.


To reset this gateway to factory defaults, you simply disconnect all cables (not strictly necessary, but I have seen occassional reports of problems  if this is not done), and press and hold the Reset button for more than 15 seconds.  Done.  When you connect it back up, it's a full clean gateway with the standard settings as defined by the firmware loaded in the device.  Please note that doing such a reset does NOT affect the firmware in any way, that requires an explicit action on the part of Comcast.


Whether you shutdown the computer is up to you, it will just reconnect when you plug it back into the gateway.  Sometimes older network adapters, shoddy drivers, or bad OS maintenace can cause trouble which a reboot will fix.  Doing the reboot is safe.


As for how you know if you have a successful reset, the settings in the gateway will be default values, any changes you made will be wiped, if the device was in bridge mode, it comes out, etc.