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Re: Upstream status light and unbonded channels

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Re: Upstream status light and unbonded channels

Okay ... I keep reading on this Upstream linking light and such.

I put a new compression fitting on and reconnected speed is fine around 180 and 12, but ano hour later or back to upstream blinking again and only 2 Upstream locked and at 54 dBmV. Dates are 1970-1-1 vs. today, plenty or Critical Sync/No Ranging Response. Rebooting. Still blinking green, same 2 Upstream locked at 54 dBmV.

Tech says this is okay - they said 1 Upstream was okay running at 57 dBmV as well which is wrong.


Please help me on what gives, what to do next - I've read the data here on what the numbers should be.

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Re: Upstream status light and unbonded channels

Take a look at how your cable is setup, remove any unnecessary splitters and/or reconfigure it so your modem is first in line coming off a splitter. If you can’t, you may need a tech out to check things outside. But you need to drop your upstream by a minimum of 7 or 8 dB

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