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Re: Unknown devices connecting to my network

@JmsouthernHave you had any resolution with this issue -


As you can see, I have had multiple devices connect to my network through the Ethernet.

1- they always connect via Ethernet (and I have 1 device, my ADT Blue SDystem Base connecte3d via Ethernet.

2- I have gone through 4 routers, Called tech support, had my call elevated and it there the Edward looked into it and finallky confgessed he had no idea. He was goping to call me back in 20 minutes after contacting a superviser. I never got that call. So investigated with ADT Blue.

3- I thouight maybe it is something with the base, but it being the link from the doors and windows to the internet, would not have a changing mac address, rather a static one (never changing). Shannah told me I was correct, but the base does have a switch controller. That is so you can add devices to your ADT Blue security. She turned that off as of 1/31/21. This screen shot is from 2/7/21.

4- Over the last three weeks,I have had a total of 7 devices say that they have connected via Ethernet, among 4 routers, and No one at xFinity can tell me that this is. 5 hours being transferred and on hold with xFinity. I have contacted ADT Blue and taken that variable out of the equation. I have exchanged my router 4 times, taking the memory of a ghost item still left over in the router. Performed four factory resets and have lost my mind. This the only post I have seen with a mention of Ethernet Devices that are nto yorus.

5 - They never stay on the system long becuase the xFi app never contacts me that they have attached to the Network (notice there only have IPv6 address under their HOST Mac Address.

6- I have done a VENDOR MAC ADDRESS lookup on two diffferent databases and they have given me only 1 name for 1 of teh devices (that tells me they are masked ).



SOMEONE needs to infomr me why i have these devices on my router and how they got there and how to stop it!

This is the Event Log from  the last month, though I have no idea what it means.